My story & career

My name is Ai Ghee and I’m an artist based in Singapore.

My story

My approach to art draws influences ranging from contemporary art to classical fine art. I studied under Singapore artist Mr Tan Seng Yong - Singapore’s master “Tiger Painter’’ - throughout her secondary school years where I nurtured my passion for art and in particular, portraiture. My journey back to art came full circle in 2012 when I joined my first painting class at Singapore’s largest painting studio My Art Space where I self-developed my painting skills under the watchful guidance of numerous artists like Teh Chankerk, Yap Wen Shan, and Le Matt.

I have a deep interest in connecting my life-long interest in world affairs and political science into my art. My art is how I express the world and societal changes happening at the moment. Over the last few years, I created a series of political paintings filled with hidden symbolism and satire of world leaders, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, el at.

I am a pioneering member of the Naked Optimism Art Collective (est. 2019), where I investigated the human form, both the body and mind, down to the unconscious, metaphysical level, and exhibited in a group show - The Dominant Line - in January 2020. In the latest Naked Optimism collection - An Ice Cream State of Mind - I explore the impact of hidden emotions and lost memories that have unraveled during these life-changing COVID years, which will be shown at Affordable Art in November 2022.


Born and educated in Singapore, I spent several years studying and working in China and the United States. After completing my masters in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University and working for a Washington D.C. policy think tank, I returned to Singapore in 2012. I co-founded a tech start-up and also is the head of the Young China Watchers chapter in Singapore since 2016.

Group Shows

  • An Ice Cream State of Mind, Naked Optimism, Affordable Art Fair, Nov 2022

  • The Dominant Line, Naked Optimism, 1880, Jan 2020

  • Blowin' in the Wind: Global Refugee Crisis, My Art Space, Apr 2018

  • My Art Space 10th Members' Exhibition, My Art Space, Mar 2018

Media Interviews

Mediacorp Channel 8, My Art Space, 2018